Mark O’Hare

Operations Manager

Mark is an accomplished professional in the field of photography, possessing a wealth of experience in education and community development. He wholeheartedly champions the advancement of communities, displaying a fervent dedication to project development, management and the third sector.

In addition to his involvement in various third-sector organisations, Mark has also worked in the fields of mental health, trauma, and wellbeing. For a period of eight years, he worked in prisons and secure care settings before taking on the role of service manager at a mental health charity in Glasgow. Currently, he serves as the Operations Manager at CERT, where he is responsible for managing and delivering all of the organisation’s activities.

To reach out to Mark for professional inquiries, kindly direct correspondence to or contact him directly at 07355 032466.


Louise Wood

Key Worker

Louise Wood, Keyworker. Louise spent over 20 years in the hairdressing industry before deciding to embark in a new career. In 2014 she started her studies at the University of Stirling and has since completed a BA (Hons) Sociology & Psychology and a Msc in Autism Research. Highly motivated and keen to take on challenges, Louise worked as a Personal Development Mentor at Apex Scotland before joining CERT. She is passionate in promoting health and wellbeing and education to help individuals develop their maximum potential.

Louise is responsible for one to one support of our clients. 



Stephen Johnstone

Project Assistant
Having lived in Clackmannanshire for his life Stephen has witnessed many of the problems first hand and wants to see Clackmannanshire improve.  He joined CERT to help contribute towards improvement of the economic and wellbeing of Clackmannanshire.  Stephen has an HND in Accounting.
Stephen is responsible for administration support for CERT.

01259 272 017

Grant Aitken

Community Link Worker- Trainer

Introducing Grant, a true pillar of our team with roots in Alloa and a heart dedicated to community development. Grant’s journey took him from Alloa to Edinburgh, where he pursued a Community Education degree and immersed himself in impactful work. From supporting the homeless with Crisis, empowering struggling students with The Green Team, to community development at Bridgend Farmhouse, his commitment to making a difference shines through.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Grant’s passion for activism and support for the Syrian refugee community in Alloa showcases his deep commitment to social justice and community solidarity. Whether through his roles with the NHS during the COVID crisis or rallying against racism, Grant’s actions speak of a person dedicated to compassion, unity, and positive change. Welcome to the team, Grant.

Contact Information

07498 423159

Jaqueline Ferguson

Senior Lead Multiply Tutor
Jacqueline joined CERT in January 2023 as a Senior Lead Tutor on the Multiply programme.
On graduating from Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University, she began working in the Primary Sector. Over the years her experience has been as a class teacher, support for learning teacher and Depute Headteacher.
As a support for Learning Teacher, she completed a postgraduate qualification in Inclusive Education with Aberdeen University with a focus on supporting learners with Dyslexia and other barriers to learning.
Jacqueline has a passion for improving life chances and offers 1-2-1 learning sessions in both literacy and numeracy, to allow individuals to fulfil their full potential.

Ruth Maxwell

Positive Moves Keyworker

Ruth moved to Stirling in 2010, becoming a student at the University of Stirling. Ruth graduated in Environmental Geography and Education to become a Secondary Teacher. She taught in various schools across Scotland before taking a career break to raise a family. Ruth is passionate about the third sector, having volunteered with youth work and supported camps in Romania for people with disabilities and disadvantaged children. Her passion to help others, led to her working as a community wellbeing worker in Stirling before starting with us at CERT as a key worker.


Claire Murphy

Child Care Executive

Claire worked for an adventure travel company before leaving to travel around the world for two years and eventually settled in Australia, setting up an Art and Furnishings business in Sydney. She moved to Scotland to start a family then worked in the Corporate Business Centre at Prudential for 5 years in pensions and investments. Claire then went on to study psychology at University of Stirling graduating with honours, whilst at the university she worked within the kindergarten research facility and has worked in a number of local primary schools as a learning assistant. Claire has a MSc in Clinical Health Psychology and has worked on a number of independent research projects some of which are now published in academic journals.

Claires role as Childcare Project Executive is to look at all aspects of childcare in Clackmannanshire and identify any barriers that parents may have when looking to either get back to work or increase their working hours. Claires dedicated aim is to reduce any childcare related difficulties, helping to improve opportunities for families to increase their earning potential and reduce social inequalities.


Babs Davie

Multiply Tutor

Babs embarked on her career with a master’s degree in engineering, dedicating three years to the sector before pivoting to education. With over two decades under her belt as a Maths and numeracy teacher, she also manages a thriving tuition centre.

In a quest for deeper impact, Babs expanded her toolkit to include trauma-informed therapy, resilience training, and academic life coaching. These complementary skills allow her to forge stronger connections and offer holistic support to learners.

Thrilled to be part of the Clackmannanshire community, Babs is committed to empowering individuals with the essential numeracy skills they need to unlock their full potential.