E-mopeds, e-bikes and flexible buses

We know from many who are currently unemployed that transport is a major barrier to securing and sustaining good employment.  With small numbers of jobs in Clacks, often we need to travel outside to get a job.  However public transport is poor.

We are hoping to develop some new projects which will help overcome these barriers and are keen to get your views on these.  Initially we are looking at:

  • An emoped hire scheme where you can hire a moped for a few weeks or months to take you to interviews and get to your job, typically outwith Clacks
  • A major increase in the number of ebikes and docking stations throughout Clacks – increasing from 3 to 20 or more which will provide ebikes close to where you live and where you would be working
  • a flexible bus service – Demand Responsive Transport – where you pre book the bus and it comes and picks you up close to where you live and takes you to close to where you want to go.

As part of looking into these, we are keen to get the views of those who might use them.  It would be great if you could complete this SURVEY which will take no more than 5 minutes.

Many thanks

This project is supported by Paths for All’s Smarter Choices Smarter Places fund.