Clackmannanshire is the smallest county in Scotland with a population of 51,300 (2020).   The population split as in the census of 2011 was

from https://www.scotlandscensus.gov.uk/search-the-census#/explore/snapshot

Overall Performance Measures

No One Left Behind has produced a comprehensive list of indicators of the performance of Clackmannanshire against Scotland. 

Clacks under performs in a number of areas.

Unemployment and Economic Inactivity

Some key points of note are that Clacks has above average unemployment and economic inactivity compared to the rest of Scotland.

Employment and Unemployment (Jan 2021 to Dec 2021)

Clackmannanshire (%)Scotland (%)Great Britain (%)
Economically Active23,30074%76%78%
In Employment23,00073%73%75%
Self Employed2,2006%8%9%
Unemployed (Model-Based)90038%39%44%
Source : ONS Annual Population Survey

Economic inactivity (Jan 2021-Dec 2021)

ClackmannanshireClackmannanshireScotlandGreat Britain
All People
Looking After Family/Home##16.319.2
Temporary Sick!!2.11.9
Long-Term Sick24002929.424.6
Wants a Job##17.618.6
Does Not Want a Job77009582.481.4
Source : ONS Annual Population Survey

# Sample Size too small for reliable estimate

! Estimate is not available since sample size is disclosive

Notes : Numbers are for those aged 16-64

% is a proportion of those economically inactive, except total, which is a proportion of those aged 16-64

There are 1,943 16 to 19 year olds and most are in a positive destination (90%), but a significant number are not participating (4.5%) and worryingly 5.6% have an unknown status.

In 2020 there were 2,900 workless households representing 18.5% of the households in Clacks.

Educational Attainment and Adult Numeracy are Low

Attainment by Highest Level Attained

No Passes at SCQF3 or Better2.8%2.1%4.4%2.0%
SCQF Level 33.3%1.8%5.1%2.2%
SCQF Level 49.2%8.5%13.4%10.1%
SCQF Level 524.2%21.7%24.0%21.8%
SCQF Level 635.2%41.8%34.1%40.6%
SCQF Level 725.3%24.2%19.1%23.2%
Source : Scottish Government School Leaver and Attainment and Initial Destination (SG Website)

Attainment in Literacy and Numeracy by Level

Clacks 2020/21Scotland 2020/21
P1 Early Level77%79%77%81%
P4 First Level68%60%73%72%
P7 Second Level71%67%76%72%
P1, P4, P7 Combined72%69%75%75%
S3 3rd Level or Better
S4 4th Level
Source:  Scottish Government Achievement for Curriculum for Excellence Statistics ACEL (SG Web site)

Jobs and Employment

There are few jobs in Clacks with a job density of 0.51 (2020) meaning there is 0.51 jobs for every resident of working age.  This are in 1,075 businesses and 1,360 business units.