Effective Community Outreach

There are a wide range of services and supports in Clackmannanshire which are available to support those on their often long journey towards stable employment.

At the same time there are many residents in Clacks who would benefit from these services and supports, but who are not using them.

Recognising this, the Clacks Provider Network* would like to establish a project which would work with those who are already active in the community to empower them to engage with these residents and to encourage them to access these existing supports. With the support from the Rural CLLD fund, The Verdancy Group have been commissioned to undertake a feasibility of this project.

To help work out if this project would work and if so, how it might work, it would  be great if you would complete this SHORT SURVEY to help us decide if this project might work and if so, how.

If you have any questions, contact Denise Millan at dm@theverdancygroup.com

If you know of anyone who might be interested in being one of those who are active in the community it would be great if you could encourage them to complete a survey customised for them. SURVEY FOR COMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKERS

(*) Clacks Provider Network is a network of c100 individuals who are active in providing employability, pre-employability and health and wellbeing supports in Clacks.