Access to affordable childcare is one of the largest barriers to employment in Clackmannanshire, as well as throughout Scotland.  67% of parents cited lack of childcare as a barrier to employment – either entirely or hugely.  56% of working parents reported that they wanted to work longer hours but were unable to do so due to lack of affordable childcare.

At the same time there is a shortage of childcare places with waiting lists for nurseries, particularly private nurseries and a declining number of childminders and an associated increase in waiting lists.  Wrap around care – before and after school care is a major barrier for working parents.

In response to this CERT have undertaken a major piece of work to consider all aspects of Childcare in Clackmannanshire and is available HERE.

This work has set our agenda for work to improve childcare in Clackmannanshire:

1.working to ensure there is after school provision for all primary school age children to extend before school provision to at least 8am the existing, and encourage new childminders

4.increase the number of nursery places

5.develop a labour market plan to address staff shortages and turnover

6. further investigate the needs of children with additional support need

To achieve these, CERT will work alongside partners and stakeholders including the childcare providers, DWP, the Council’s Family Wellbeing Partnership, Scottish Childminders Association, skills providers and many others.

Watch this space for further information as we progress each of these areas of work.