Effective Outreach: Community Support Volunteers

Would you be able to help others find supports and services right for them?

CERT is a charity who has been established to help regenerate Clacks and to help more of its residents to move to secure, stable employment.  There are a range of free supports and services available to help residents on this often long journey including supports in:

· mental health

· confidence/motivation

· skills development

· childcare

· help with job search and applications

· those who experience crime

· money debt and benefit advice

· those with addictions

· ex-offenders

· many many more areas.

We believe that there are many residents of Clacks who would benefit from accessing these services but that they are unaware of them or for a wide range of reasons may feel reluctant to access them.

The Clacks Providers Network (CPN) includes around 100 members who provide these supports and are keen to see if we could work with members of the community to empower and support them to help encourage other residents to secure such supports.

With the support of a grant from Rural CLLD, the CPN have appointed The Verdancy Group to help decide if this might work and if so what it would look like. To do this, we want to get the views of those who are already active in the community.

We’d be very grateful if you would complete this SHORT SURVEY.

If you have any questions on this work, please feel free to contact Denise Millan of the Verdancy Group at dm@theverdancygroup.com